July 19, 2011


Hangin' at the Surf Hut...bein' chill...stars...waves...dreams.

Watching creators create is inspirational fun.
The birth of eSOUNDs @ Submission

Harden This (a gift from a friend)...Now RIDE!
Custom tat by GrunTats

Image enhancement by Luckymen Moody

Incognito respite

Parked on my piano, pondering the perpetration of pernicious pranks.

Key? Wallet? Phone? Raucous demeanor?

Enjoying the chill night air


Ponderous and Pendent


Peaceful, yet... petulant?

Nothin' says freedom like fast wheels!

W   a   i   t   i   n   g

Discovering amazing creations with a friend.
Image by Luckymen Moody

To sleep....perchance to dream....


Refreshment on a hot day