March 8, 2012

Sometimes, we look at a person and wonder about what is in their thoughts... what makes them do what they do. Sometimes we look at a work of art and wonder about the artist. In this regard, the rarest privilege is to watch a man reach into himself and pull out, sometimes painfully, something so wonderful that you are left without words to accurately describe the experience.

When we see someone who, in himself, is beautiful to the eye, we can easily fall in lust. But the most erogenous part of the body is the brain, wherein lies the mind... the essence  of who that person is, in relation to these three dimensions in which we live, and what their presence in this world can mean to those around them. Some are so fortunate as to be blessed with the opportunity to watch, from the very beginning, the creation of magic, fun, peace and excitement, and all tempered with an unsurpassed committment to excellence, where only perfection is acceptable... where only perfection can be tolerated... where the artist is his own harshest critic. To watch such a thing happen is an honor and a privilege and, for that reason, I cannot stop recording this beautiful world as I see it ... this work in progress...even as beautiful as the man who made it appear.

Knowing Floyd Arun and his work is one of the best reasons to be in Second Life.
To call him "friend" is one of the best things I have ever done.