October 23, 2011

Hard Work Testing

If a job is worth doing at all, it's worth doing right. 
Just because it gets hard doesn't mean you should just let it go and walk away. For me, taking my work seriously is the only reason I do it. For me, the real satisfaction comes when I feel it. Sometimes, I just really like to get into my work until it comes together. Then I know I've done my best. I don't want to just pass through; I want to leave my mark wherever I go, knowing that I won't soon be forgotten... at least not until tomorrow.

Is that AGONY or ECSTASY ?

All photos were taken on site in the Dungeon at CHAINS Leather Bar and Club

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  1. dAMN WE DI SOME SERIOUSLY HOT AND SEXY TESTIN FUCK YES WE DID HOwlzzzzz....I love his daddy Harden and his brother hell boy Floyd.